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Your Cloud
eBook Library

Kitabu is your EPUB reading application and cloud library.

All your e-books in one place

You can store all your e-books to one place, and organize your library however you like. Soon you can drag/copy your books from computer to cloud and vice versa.

Use it everywhere

Kitabu works on Mac computers and soon on Windows as well. So you can read wherever you feel like it. Use bookmarks to know where you left off.

Other features

  • Library management
  • Table of Contents
  • Additional options: Text Size, Colour
  • Mouse & Trackpad gestures support
  • Multi-selection in Library view
  • E-book library in two views
  • Book pane selection. Book can be displayed in one, two or three panes
  • Font and background selection
  • Fixed Layout
  • QuickLook plugin that previews ePub file metadata directly from the Finder

What people are saying

Even though it’s free, Kitabu has some surprising features, namely, it doubles as a pretty good audio and video player as well.


Simply drag and drop your ePub into Kitabu and start reading. Super fast, small app, it supports full screen, you can customise categories.


A nice free native eBook reader with no frills. It’ll only take up a little over 2Mb on your hard drive.

by Matthew Guay via AppStorm

“There's a lot to like about Kitabu and its stripped-down interface will no doubt appeal to some.”

by Adam Williams via

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